Norf offers the most reliable and efficient products of the industry with its continuous improvement approach, with the aim of using resources efficiently, and with its applications in all legal regulations and standards specific to its subject.


It aims to increase living standards and satisfaction by offering quality, original and economical products to its customers.


To use natural resources and all kinds of energy resources in the most efficient and economical way, to control waste and noise pollution, to reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment and human health, to raise awareness of all our employees and customers on this issue. this issue. environmental protection is our environmental policy to use technologies that cause the least harm to the environment, as much as technical, economic and commercial opportunities allow, in new investments and projects, and to minimize the damage to the environment by making existing improvements. 


Thanks to the quality and recycling
of our products, we protect your
health and your future.

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As Norf, it is our Occupational Health and Safety policy to protect the occupational health and safety of our employees without exception and to continuously improve the working environment, both in the institutions and organizations we serve and during our production activities.


It is an integral part of our policy to ensure customer satisfaction with all its employees and external suppliers by focusing on quality and environmental understanding, and to share quality targets and quality policy in this direction with all relevant parties.


Our employees are competent to perform their duties. They work effectively, efficiently and responsibly according to the safety standards in our company. Our shared values ​​of entrepreneurship, trust, passion and honesty guide our activities.